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The Performance Arcade 2020

The Playground NZ Ltd

The Performance Arcade is a free live art event on Wellington Waterfront, run every year since 2011. Audiences have grown to over 90,000 in 2019, attracted by the exciting program of performance art and live music, installed with an assembly of shipping containers that create an innovative new space for performance arts presentation. I was the Lead Graphic Designer for the 2020 festival.

Branding, Website, Print Promo, The Pink Line, Marketing & Social Media visuals and signage. 

Branded Template Designs

DSIL Global

"How we evolve as humans is the key to innovation that can emerge in the systems we work and live in." DSIL Global is an innovation company who believes we must change our way of being together and constantly practice the mindsets for pioneering the future. Their work helps your team to start practicing.

Custom Slide Deck Template, Document Templates for internal, external and proposal uses. Updated Brand Guidelines.

'How we work'

Bamboo Creative

Bamboo Creative are a diverse team of designers, developers, storytellers and product strategists. They’re committed to working as peers on projects that help people connect with themselves, each other and the wider world.

Custom Illustrations 

Social Media To-Go, Please

Jaci Luettgen

Jaci provides social media coaching, consulting & strategy for freelancers and businesses. Her mission is to help her client grow their Social Media platforms, while using minimal time and effort. 

Branding & Custom Illustration 

Country Planning & Evaluative Management System

Kate Averill - Tertiary Education Commission​

Kate is a PHD Candidate & Strategic Evaluation Adviser who wanted me to illustrate her model for values-based evaluative management system.

Infographic, informative design