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The Performance Arcade

The Performance Arcade is a free live art event on Wellington Waterfront, run every year since 2011. Audiences have grown to over 90,000 in 2019, attracted by the exciting program of performance art and live music, installed with an assembly of shipping containers that create an innovative new space for performance arts presentation.


Kaz at Starling brings together ambitious leaders, bold organisations and great agencies to create brand new teams and solutions to the world's toughest challenges. Starling drives collective impact, collaborating with teams across sectors to address the complex social issues that matter to all of us.

DSIL Global

DSIL Global is a leading innovation company that builds the capacity of people so that they can build innovation -together. They work in culture change, many shapes of design processes, experiential learning, systems change strategy, and expert facilitation to support the navigation of the complex and ambiguous waters all around us.

WhiskeyFix Studios

Ants Cabraal at WhiskeyFix Studios is a writer and creative director who collaborates widely with multidisciplinary teams. Ants believes deeply in the potential of creative interventions to provoke, challenge and transform how we understand ourselves and move through the world. He's passionate about using business and creativity to make the world a cleaner, fairer, safer place.


Enspiral is a network and community of social entrepreneurs who want to support each others projects and ventures. Their website is their connection point for the community and also a way for interest members to learn more.


Heartwork is here to make it easier for you and the people around you to get to the heart of what you need, so you can spend more time working on what matters to you.
Heartwork tools, training and transformation services support people to work and live well together.

Holidaypirates GmbH

Founded in 2012, HolidayPirates Group runs websites in ten countries and seven languages: Germany, Austria, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Switzerland and United States.

Raphael Healing and Alignment

Raphäel - Healing and Alignment exists to support the development of community, spirituality and creating safe spaces for (particularly womxn) to be who they are, be loved and heard.


Boston produces custom designed wardrobes from New Zealand's renewable forests. I assisted Bamboo Creative with elements of a rebrand alongside Bamboo's Strategic Designer.

Social Media To-Go, Please

Jaci's mission is to help freelancers and businesses to grow their social media platforms, while using minimal time and effort. With her background in marketing, the entertainment industry and my studies in communication design with focus on ‘videos’, Jaci brings a well-rounded skill set what makes her different to most other social media experts.

OSOS 2016

OS//OS stands for Open Source Open Society. The conference organisers believe open principles can improve our businesses, improve the access and impact of technology and create a healthier democracy.


Labyrinthine is a production for Wellington's Fringe Festival by LightShade. LightShade is imagination, creativity, and fearlessness. Creative Director Tabitha Arthur collaborates with talented individuals to create stunning design, photography, and theatrical works.

Timon of Athens Summer Shakespeare

Summer Shakespeare has been an annual outdoor theatre event in the capital city since 1983, when students at Victoria University of Wellington presented A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Victoria University Quadrangle. For over thirty years, Wellington audiences have been treated each year to large-scale, large-cast productions of Shakespeare in a variety of settings including the Dell in the Wellington Botanic Gardens, Civic Square, Te Papa, and in 2018 in Reading Carpark.

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations are available on a commission basis.

I work with various styles and can produce illustrations for both print and digital use.

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